As a chiropractor, I am always thinking of new ways to provide better care for my patients. Often, people think chiropractic = skeletal treatment only. However, in reality, working on the soft tissue is a primary focus of my chiropractic treatments. And, the soft tissue of the body requires maintenance and care in between adjustments and clinic visits.

As a triathlete, I have to practice what I preach for my body’s success, both in performance and health.

I've designed this project with the primary focus on my patients preventative maintenance. This allows for better home care that will yield more success with recovery & healing, increase mobility and promote strength & balance.


When we focus on the relationship between the soft tissue, the joint complex, and a strong core, you will see your body start to function without restriction. Attaining optimal function and balance in both will drive ideal outcomes in body performance. Simply said, when the tissues and joints move freely and are surrounded with stability, the better you feel and perform.

The Epic Factors program was invented for our patients to help balance these three key components, for without each, they would be limited in achieving their greatest potential.

The Creator

I'm a sports chiropractor always looking for better and faster ways to help my patients recover. I've dedicated my practice to being different, to exploring cutting edge techniques and challenge myself to develop my own professional skills year over year.

As a triathlete and mother, I know firsthand it takes time, hard work, and consistency to push through and make the changes necessary to attain the result we are striving for. I hope Epic Factors can help my patients find this through renewed mobility, strength and stability for a healthier body overall.

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3 'Factors' of Biomechanical Performance

Chiropractic South Burlington VT Epic Factors E5 Joint Mechanics

Joint Mechanics

A chiropractic sports physician optimizes the performance of an individual’s musculoskeletal system, as well as their nervous system. By identifying joint segments that are not moving correctly, spinal adjustments can be performed to enhance mechanical motion. Associated spinal soft tissue care is also a must to reset the entire joint complex.

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Normal mobility in the soft tissue is critical to overall function and performance. There are two components that influence normal soft tissue movement; the muscles and the connective tissues (which include fascia, tendon, ligament). Each needs to be addressed to balance your overall structure. Stretching helps lengthen the muscles and myofascial work helps to eliminate adhesions within the connective tissues.

Chiropractor South Burlington VT Wendy Mehaffey Epic Factors Stability


While many only recognize the abdominal muscles as the body’s core, the human core structure is much more. The core includes all the body’s muscles except for those in the extremities. A strong core is necessary to support normal biomechanics. The lack of core strength to hold daily postures can cause pain & injury.

  • 1. Realign the joint complex.

  • 2. Work the soft tissue to stretch tightened muscles and eliminate myofascial adhesions.

  • 3. Create functional strength to stabilize the structures.


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"My experience with Wendy surpasses any of the experiences I have had. I have never had such thoughtful care in the time, attention to muscular work along with the adjustment and seeking feedback on how I'm doing through the entire process. With such focused care, I saw improvement even after my first session and by the third there was a remarkable difference."

Tracy F., patient