Low Back Series: What's Causing Your Lower Back Pain?

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When we focus on the relationship between the soft tissue, the joint complex, and a strong core, you will see your body start to function without restriction. Attaining optimal function and balance in both will drive ideal outcomes in body performance. Simply said, when the tissues and joints move freely and are surrounded with stability, the better you feel and perform.

The Epic Factors program was invented for our patients to help balance these three key components, for without each, they would be limited in achieving their greatest potential.

Lower Back Series

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Why Epic Factors?

As a chiropractor, I am always thinking of new ways to provide better care for my patients. Often, people think chiropractic = skeletal treatment only. However, in reality, working on the soft tissue is a primary focus of my chiropractic treatments. And, the soft tissue of the body requires maintenance and care in between adjustments and clinic visits.

As a triathlete, I have to practice what I preach for my body’s success, both in performance and health.

"My experience with Wendy surpasses any of the experiences I have had. I have never had such thoughtful care in the time, attention to muscular work along with the adjustment and seeking feedback on how I'm doing through the entire process. With such focused care, I saw improvement even after my first session and by the third there was a remarkable difference."

Tracy F., patient